Does your brand make you feel good?

Do you feel excited when you hand out your business card?
Are you bursting with pride when you send clients to your website?
Do people stop and comment on how much they love your beautiful logo?

Or are you reluctant to hand out your card because you know, deep down, that it doesn’t reflect what you do and who you are anymore?

You may know there are shapes and patterns in nature that are in complete harmony with our human proportions, sometimes referred to as sacred geometry or the golden means. When these proportions are used, be it in architecture, art or design, everything looks and feels right and gives you a sense of ease.

One of these patterns is called the Flower of Life. The image above is a part of it. This pattern has been found at important locations all around the globe. It represents the interconnectedness of all things, space and time, mind and body, material and non-material.

We call this healing design.

Our design methodology is based on these natural proportion which, when combined with your passion and vision allows you and your business to thrive.

Our healing design approach creates an emotional connection with your target audience that makes you brand sound right, look beautiful and feel authentic.

If you want your brand to make you feel really good, or have any questions relating to your brand, drop me a line at

I look forward to hearing from you.