So… What is a healing design?

A healing design makes your heart sing.
It makes you smile when you look at it.
It reminds you of why you do what you do and reconnects you with your vision and purpose.


The healing design methodology is based on connecting with the heart and values of your business and translating this into the design of your brand. It is an ‘inside-out’ approach to branding. Totally unique, and as unique as your business offering is. Using tools and techniques to connect to both our logical and intuitive mind, we get to connect to the essence of your WHY? and your reason for doing the work that you do.

No two brands are the same as each is created from a deep inquiry into the values that stand behind your business offering.
The visual inspiration for the design of our brands comes from the beauty found in nature.
It is not a stuck on label. It is not just a logo. It is not a strapline.

The healing designs methodology helps you create a unique brand that attracts your ideal clients because they feel connected to the vision of your business and connected to what you stand for in the world through the words, the images and the colours that you use to communicate your offering. By using all the elements consistently, you create a powerful imprint in people’s minds and hearts for people to recognise you by.

Your brand represents the DNA, the unique blueprint and life force of your business that allows you to communicate your message with clarity, confidence and ease.

The benefit?
By being aligned with your heart and being at one with your brand your business can flow, expand and grow and attract your ideal customers.

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